Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman Kitchen

Private Residence, Upstate, NY

After a decade of settling into their home, these homeowners, like many, were ready to make improvements that fit their personal style and lifestyle. Upon survey, we observed several Craftsman Style furnishings and the need for a lot of storage. Exterior Sight lines were limited too.

In order to be mindful of costs, and to enhance their work triangle, we relocated only the refrigerator and combined the two small distant windows into one generous focal point. Teaming up with a local craftsman, we had all the cherry cabinets handmade saving the homeowners an upwards of 62%!

With the extra funds available we were able to finish the space with soapstone counters and 36” Commercial Cooking Range.


developing our project was fun…

We had a legitimate fear that we would spend our time and money on a design that would become overly complex and expensive to fully realize. We talked openly about that concern and we were shown (quickly) how our wish list and our budget could co-exist. That happened to be one of the most exiting parts of the design process.


Developing our project was fun from start to finish. SIXTY55 provides professional and compassionate service (they truly listen to clients)! The most memorable or important part of the whole process was when construction was going on and SIXTY55 provided guidance to the builder to ensure the design concepts were honored and small details (that end up making a big difference) did not get missed.

If you are planning a project no mater how large or small you should reach out to SIXTY55! They will save you time and money in the long run because they will take your inspiration (or provide it if needed) and see it through. They have the experience to help you work through design issues and come up with solutions before problems arise and time and money are on the line.

-Cheri & Eric Zizza, Craftsman Kitchen Homeowners