Currier Plastics Inc.- ICE Center

Currier Plastics, Inc.

Auburn, NY

Innovation, Creativity and Engineering were the core concepts behind Project ICE. Project ICE was a visionary exploration with the intent to see what it would take and cost to combine CPI’s Quality Control and Engineering Departments, currently located in separate buildings. The goal would be to increase productivity and customer awareness as the space would then double as a customer experience center.

The merge would impact 3 key area’s in CPI’s Manufacturing Building, a total of XYZ Square Feet. Engineering would relocate from the Administrative Building to the Manufacturing Building, taking over the current cafeteria. The current cafeteria would relocate to the tool room, and become better utilized as the Employee Lounge. The tool room would relocate the the center warehouse space, allowing for easier access and more space, increasing it’s footprint by XYZ%.


perfect vision, budget and build plan.


The ease of communicating with SIXTY55 and the diligence of their attention to detail, follow through and ability to complete action items on time are what made us see first hand the advantage of working with SIXTY55. 

 After internalizing our design project for over one year and with no success, we called on SIXTY55 to help. With very little direction they were able to develop the perfect vision, budget and build plan.

 SIXTY55 saved us time and allowing us to focus on our work. The SIXTY55 design team is very talented and obvious they come prepared with experience and good taste. 


- Gary Keiffer, VP New Product Development
Currier Plastics, Inc.