Seymour Library-Lobby

Seymour Public Library

Auburn, NY

Since 1980, Seymour Library has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1993 a second building project provided a new entrance with easier access, an elevator and security system. Currently functioning as the Main Lobby.

Reminiciant of it’s time and visually lacking to support the library mission: to connect our community, to expand opportunities, and to inspire curiosity. Seymour Library serves as the community’s hub of learning and discovery by providing dynamic resources and experiences. We were commissioned to help bring together a vision and a budget.

The redesign incorporates a center greeting area where the library staff could work side by side with it’s patrons vs face to face for a more friendly, hands-on experience, while providing the main path for circulation. The exposed brick of the existing space has been enhanced by eliminating a wall and creating a new coffee bar area where patrons are invited in for conversation. Tall pillars accented in the library’s colors encourage an unordinary, but rather fun book return experience.