Willow Island Estate

Willow Island Estate

Private Residence, Upstate, NY

The home owners of Willow Island Estate took five years to build their home, by themselves, by hand. Inside you find walnut beams that were salvaged from the woods near by. Mixes of wood, stone, fireplaces and animal prints. The homeowners were now ready to extend their interior living space outdoors.

The concepts behind this design are inspired from the interior and drawn from the 4 spiritual life force energies: earth, wind, fire and water.

Earth elements such as large boulders create a grounding lounge space. While relaxing the homeowners enjoy the harmonious sound of a cascading water fountain. In the heart of the space a gracious open air entertaining space, comfortably anchored by a curved arbor to soften and connect strong angular roof lines moving energy in a gentle and flexible way. At the lowest level a circular fire pit creates a focal point dazzling the space with passion and energy.


“ integrity, talent and a love for what they do…


Before finding SIXTY55 we received design estimates that where just outrageously expensive and not our type. Tired of waiting we picked a picture for inspiration and got ready to DIY. As we started drilling the post holes, we realized there was a big flaw in our design plan. We decided we needed to explore a designer again. Enter SIXTY55. Finally!

 SIXTY55 designed our outdoor living space beyond what we could have ever fathomed! That kind of outcome can only happen when a designer has integrity, talent and a love for what they do. 

 SIXTY55 took the time to get to know our personal style and enjoyed creating the project as if it was their own home. We already know what we are going to create with SIXTY55 next!

-Peg & Craig Arliss
Willow Island Estate